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According to the law, any combination of lines or colors and any kind of 3dimensional shape with lines and colors or without them is called an Industrial Design if it changes the shape of an Industrial Product or a Handicraft. Reaching to a technical solution without a change in the appearance is not called an Industrial Design.

An Industrial Design may be registered under the following conditions:

- Being new and original,

- Not being published before the date of application,

- Not being anticipated in the field of the same industry or  technology,

- Not being contrary to the Islamic Law, Public Order and Public Morality.

Filing: Requirements for filing an Industrial Design application are as follows:

The followings are required in order to file an Industrial Design application


Renewal: An Industrial Design Registration is effective for a period of 5 years from date of filing which can be extended for two more 5 years (totally 15 years) by paying the renewal fee for each 5 years. There will an additional 6 months after the expiration date for the applicant to apply for renewal with an extra fine.

Requirements for renewal are:


Changes: According to the Law, all the changes and modifications should be recorded officially and published for public notice.



Assignment: The Assignment means the transfer of rights held by one party—the Assignor—to another party—the Assignee.