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Dastani & Dastani, LLP focuses particularly on Intellectual Property Law and covers all components pertaining to patent, trademark, idustrial design,geographical signs, unfair competition and related litigations. We place the highest value on understanding our clients needs, and accordingly provide them with practical counsel and solutions which support their business objectives. Our firm relies on the highly experienced and professional attorneys and devoted staff whose team ethics has become "Quality of Work, Trust and Reliability."

Dastani & Dastani, LLP reporesents someof the most world's recognized brands including TOYOTA, PORSCHE, ASTON MARTIN, HYUNDAI, KIA, SAMSUNG, LG, ORACLE, GOLDMAN SACHS, AFC, LEVI'S, CATERPILLAR, LINDT, ETS, EMIRATES, EBAY, ALIBABA, GIVENCHY, UNDER ARMOUR, DROPBOX, NINTENDO, HUAWEI, KENWOO etc. Our wast knowledge of intellectual property law enables us to protect the rights of our clients, represent them before the registration offices and courts as well as professionally assist them with avoiding or removing any obstacles along the way.